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standard text translation standard text translation
We specialise in audio/video, creative, technical, legal and corporate, and translate into 250+ languages and dialects. You will work with a team of specialised translators, seasoned linguists and industry experts native to the country or community you are targeting, who will be your translation team.

audio & video translation audio & video translation
Voice-over recording, voice talent casting, script adaptation, time coding or subtitling, you will work with the best in the industry. Our native voice talents are professional artists with many years’ experience in areas ranging from video games, corporate presentation videos and e-learning videos to documentaries and commercials.

copywriting & transcreation copywriting & transcreation
Translating catchy phrases, puns, imagery and cultural connotations is only possible by recreating the meaning and the effect of the pun, not by translating it. A witty punchy tagline may well be witty and punchy in English, but if the meaning is lost in translation, all that’s left is a confusing phrase. That is where transcreation comes into play.

web localisation
& apps translation web localisation
& apps translation
Localisation means adapting content to a new target market. This may or may not involve translation as you can also localise between two variants of the same language. Internet users will naturally feel more comfortable if the information is presented in their native language. By localising your website, you will tap into a whole new market.

multilingual publications multilingual publications
From technical manuals to fantastic fiction, we translate your artwork in-template and deliver print-ready artwork in 250+ languages. Our desktop publishing team works in Roman, complex script and right to left languages and our native translation teams look after all the QA and post production checks.

interpreting conference
Interpreting or oral translation is a skill that few linguists master. A skilled interpreter has many years of training under their belt and will specialise in a select number of fields only. Our conference interpreters are accredited by AIIC, the international conference interpreter association.

editing and
post-editing editing and
No translation goes out the door before it has been thoroughly checked by an expert team of industry professionals. We don’t just proof a translation or run a spell check – we check it line by line to make sure it’s an accurate and faithful conveyance of the original.

certified translation & notarisation certified translation & notarisation
Legal documents translated by Absolute Translations will be certified and notarised. They will be accepted by ICA, MOM, IRAS and any other Singaporean government agency.

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For more information on any of our services, please contact our friendly team on +65 6808 7808. To request an instant quote please click here.